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Summary of Final Town Council Budget Passed on 3/31/16

Education Budget:  $52,155,265 (1.06% increase)

General Government Budget:  $28,796,979 (3.06% increase)

Debt Service:  $7,958,715 (11.3% increase)

Total General Fund:  $88,910,959 (2.55% increase)

A few specifics:

Council and Mayor, Board of Education and Superintendent, all agree on a Town education budget of $52,155,265.

Rockville Public Library receives $460,000 of its $779,825 request (59%).

Council cuts all funds ($3,000) for Connecticut Legal Services.

Council votes against providing $1,200 for police protection at Rockville Fest (required for road closure).

Mayor breaks tie, voting against $250 to provide ports-potties at Rockville Fest and National Nite Out.

The Town Council will present the budget at the Public Hearing / Annual Town Meeting on April 26, 2016 at 8:00 P.M. in the auditorium of Rockville High School.


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