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Republicans Again Vote Against Porta-Potties for Rockville Fest and National Nite Out

At the Town Council meeting Republicans voted down a proposal to pay $800 for porta-potties for Rockville Fest and National Nite Out.

Council Republicans also voted not to help with the $1,200 expense for Vernon police at the Rockville Fest.  They’re required because Main Street is closed.

Republicans stated that to provide porta-potties and police would be helping the Rockville Community Alliance (RCA) which sponsors the events.

Republicans have cut the Rockville Downtown Associations’ (RDA’s)  budget to zero.

Rockville Public Library’s budget request was cut cut $90,000 by the Mayor and an additional $50,000 by the Council.

It seems that anything with the name Rockville on it is cut to zero or severely underfunded by the majority Republicans on the Vernon Town Council


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