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Remaining Road Work for 2016

Box Mountain Drive – Chipseal

Bouldercrest Lane   – Reclaim/Pave,

Briarwood – Reclaim/Pave

Cindy Terrace – Reclaim/Pave

Crestridge  – Reclaim Pave

Hublard Drive – Reclaim/Pave

Industrial Park Road – Reclaim/Pave

Kenneth – Reclaim Pave

Phoenix Street – Reclaim/Pave

Rainbow Trail   – Reclaim/Pave

Risley Road   – Reclaim/Pave

Robin – Reclaim/Pave

Summitt – Reclaim/Pave

Tracy – Reclaim/Pave

Warren Avenue – Mill/Pave

Willowstream Drive  – Reclaim/Pave

Asphalt reclaiming pulverizes the asphalt in place all the way down through the sub-base mixing the two layers. The existing asphalt is turned to dust, left in place and becomes the new sub-base. This material is then graded and compacted to get ready for the installation of asphalt.

Milling and resurfacing can only be done if the damage is minimal.

Chipseal is pressing gravel into newly-applied liquid asphalt.


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