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Public can’t see what’s proposed

The following appeared as a letter to the editor in the Journal Inquirer:Public can’t see what’s proposed

Public can’s see what’s proposed

In a democracy, the public should be able to see what’s going on. At “public hearings” of Vernon’s Planning and Zoning Commission the public can’t see what’s being proposed for our town.

At commission meetings developers stand with their backs to the public. Citizens only see the plain white backs of the enlarged plans and drawings used to describe proposed developments. When the developers point to something on the plans or drawings, residents can’t see what they’re pointing to.

I suggest that developers make their presentations facing the rest of the chamber. The Planning and Zoning Commission members could sit at the citizens’ forum table. The public could then see the presentation with the commission members (though some of us may need opera glasses). When the presentation is finished, the commission members would take their seats facing the public for their deliberations.

The public should be able to see what’s happening at Vernon’s Planning and Zoning Commission public hearings.

Michael Winkler
The writer is a Town Council member.


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