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Chairman’s Welcome

Welcome to the online home of the Vernon Democratic Town Committee.

From Town Hall in Rockville to Hartford to Washington, the Town Committee is on the front lines of Democratic political activity, and you can be involved.  Maybe you want to help the community by working to elect great candidates for town government, or by serving on a board or commission, or even becoming a candidate yourself; perhaps your passion is helping shape the debate in our state legislature and Congress; or maybe you just crave the company of people who share your ideals.

It’s too easy, these days, to think of politics as something distant and inaccessible; of politicians as unapproachable elites… but really, the democratic process – and the Democratic Party – is rooted in people like you and me. “Decisions,” a fictional Democratic president once said, “are made by those who show up.” The Vernon Democratic Town Committee is a way you can show up for our town, our state, and our nation.

-Bill Dauphin,
Chair Vernon Democratic Town Committee
10 September 2015